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International Master Stamp Dealers Course

THE ONLY FULL-SCALE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE FOR WANNABE DEALERS AND NEW TRADERS IN THE STAMP WORLD ! Stamp collecting is on the rise again, as it has in cycles over the past 160 years, with postal administrations and collector organisations around the world vigorously promoting to increase the adult and juvenile collector bases. For those wanting to become a stamp dealer - part time or full time......for those wanting a second income from their hobby...for those recently retired...and for those collectors with huge collections or accumulations to dispose of......this is for you. Do not confuse our Course with the cheap and shoddy little 20 or 30-page pamphlets sometimes advertised in USA and UK magazines as a Dealers Course, which contain minimal information, and are usually to promote the wares of some wholesaler. IMSDC is a serious, inter-active Course ; our associate divisions do not sell wholesale, and the course is not to promote our services. We do not have agents, and this is our only address. Headquartered in Australia, we accept students from the following countries: Australia Malta Great Britain U.S.A. Canada South Africa New Zealand Ireland Singapore Hong Kong Pakistan India Please note that the Course is only available in English at present. We have tutors, many of them honorary, in Britain, USA and Australia principally, headed by a Director of Studies ; he has over 50 years experience in philately -collecting, exhibiting and dealing, as well as extensive experience in executive positions in the disciplines of marketing, sales, administration, production and operations, culminating in recent retirement from CEO of a multi-national services group. The Course syllabus comprises 30 lesson modules, each of which contains 3 to 9 subject texts and/or books* (covering over 200 separate main subjects ; the texts range from 1 to 30 pages each, dependent on scope of subject) Directories of suppliers, contacts, sources, terminology, etc., which build up progressively to form an ongoing ready-reference guide At least FIVE money-making and money-saving tips (Of the200 plus tips you will receive, using just a few will probably save you the cost of the whole course.)- Tell me, Tutor sheets to get personalised assistance with queries Test papers for return and assessment by tutors. * While most of the text material has been specifically prepared for the Course, we do include specially-selected books as part of several modules. Overall, there are THOUSANDS of pages of information to learn keep for future reference....and to help train staff if and when you expand your stamp business. And regular Students Only issues of the Stamps International (A/asia) Group's MAC-CHAT GAZETTE will keep you informed on industry news and tips which are not published in the stamp magazines. And that's not all ; you gain the right, on successful completion, to use the post-nominals IMSDA after your name.....a framable certificate to demonstrate to all your professional learning and standing.......24 months of after-Course answers to queries......receiving sample catalogues and mailings from postal administrations and suppliers around ther world....and there are several easy instalment plans ( or you can pay in a lump sum and make savings) .....and a limited number of part- scholarships per annum. Trade secrets never before set down in print are will learn how to appraise, value, buy well, sell, organise, use the Internet, run your own shop, operate at fairs, conduct approvals and exchange circuits,sell through stamp clubs, Then there's mail order, mail bid auctions, and many other ways to make money from philately. How to treat customers, preparing price lists and house newsletters, traps to be avoided by new starters , trade associations, the juvenile market, packet trade, consignment in and out, and lots,lots more. This is the only place where you will receive not only all this exclusive information, but also inter-active advice from tutors. The course may be started on one of several dates during the year ; ask NOW for the next semester start date. The owners of the Course are active stamp dealers, so you also benefit from up to the minute inside information in the trade. Entry is limited to a prescribed number of students annually from each named country, which avoids the risk of an over-crowded trade. Bankers : National Australia Bank : Barclays Bank (UK) : Whitney National Bank (USA) : Bank of New Zealand. (NZ.) Confidentiality is assured ; enquire now without obligation for the syllabus outline self-evaluation questionaire, scholarship elegibility and payment plans. Director of Studies International Master Stamp Dealers Course, Suite 333 - 236 Hyperdome, Loganholme 4129, AUSTRALIA. or by Email to - or Fax to 61 (0)7 3208 4111 or 3801 4133 INTERNATIONAL MASTER STAMP DEALERS COURSE. 'Helping develop professional philatelists'

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